Work with tools/machines that generate heat or sparks in some form is called Hot Work.

Hot Work

The training follows the insurance companies and the Fire Protection Association guidelines. I am a qualified instructor and chief instructorfor the Fire Protection Association.
After you have been approved for the course you will have a certificategiving access to all types of hot work. The certificate is valid for 5 years in the Nordic countries.
Course content:
• Provisions of laws and policy.
• Organization and
• Prevention.
• Flammable goods and EX-environment.
• Roofing works.
• Practice.
(6,5 hours course)

I have courses in Swedish and in English.

There is also material in Finnish, German, Polish, Czech.

When we use this material and no English works then we need we an interpreter. The cost of the interpreter goes to the client.

My experience in hot work started in 2003 when I took my training as an instructor. I train through my business and the Fire Brigade. I also train for Fire Protection Association where I am chiefinstructor. As chiefinstructor for Fire Protection Association I train other instructors in Sweden. Every five years I renew my certificate and refresher courses every year. I have helped many companies with their organizations during hot work and trained their employees.

Do you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Yours sincerely
Lars Anderberg

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